Music Moves The World So Let's Keep Music Rockin'

The Keep Music Rockin' Foundation was created by local community leaders, educators, and music and radio celebrities.

Our mission is to promote awareness of the importance of music in our schools and to raise funds to enhance and enrich the learning experiences of students.

Music is so intertwined in our every day lives that we sometimes lose sight of its importance in schools and the benefits that it offers our students.

Educational funding is stretched to the limit; and, in some cases, funds have been reduced to nearly nothing.

Fortunately, San Leandro Unified School District continues to provide staff and support for the existing vocal and instrumental music programs in their eleven schools.

The Keep Music Rockin' Foundation provides needed funds, to all the school sites, to help continue operating the seventeen different programs.

With these supplemental funds, teachers will be able to repair or purchase musical instruments, obtain needed musical supplies and equipment (sheet music, music stands, etc.) and restore eliminated programs in order to enhance educational opportunities and programs.

Foundations Board of Directors

The foundation is fortunate to have a nine member Board of Directors that all share a true love of music and collectively have over 90 years experience music whether it is performing, teaching music (vocal & instrumental), song writing, etc.

T.W. "Rick" Richards, Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Hague, Executive Vice President

Patrick Tracy, Executive Secretary

Chris Wallace-Ailsworth, Chief Financial Officer

Janet Beck, Director of Operations

Antoine Davis, Trustee

Pam Richards, Trustee

Andrew Storar, Trustee

Lenny Williams, Trustee

The foundation is also fortunate to have an 'Advisory Board' whose members provide the foundation with an expertise in or represent a variety of areas and components within the music industry, vocal, instrumental, music production, instruction, entertainment, etc.

Advisory Board Members
Business & Community

Van Banks, CEO Money Banks Productions

Antonio Christian, Recording Secretary Teamsters Local 853

Cynthia Marie Every, President, Pro World Designs

Leon Glaster, CFO Detroit Public Schools

Roy Glover, Retired Choral & Orchestra Teacher

Tom Guarino, East Bay Public Affairs Manager, PG&E

Ron Martin, Vice President Keenan & Associates

Alison Neufeld, Attorney with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore and a classically trained violinist

Richard Pio-Roda, Attorney & Partner with Meyers Nave

Chris Richards, IT Consultant and Webmaster

Don Sanchez, ABC7News Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Tom Schunn, General Manager Sequoyah Country Club

Maurice Stevenson, CEO MoeBack Entertainment


Musical Groups

Club Nouveau

The D.E. Chung Sextet

The Delfonics Review

Kool and the Gang

La Ventana


Rene' Escovedo and the Fuse

Showtyme The Band

Too Smooth

Tortilla Soup


Celebrity & Music Industry

Lincoln Adler, Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist

Larry Batiste, Vocalist & Musical Director

Nicolas Bearde, Jazz Recording Artist/Songwriter/Actor/Educator

Davilmar Biggs, Pianist & Composer

Dr. Wesley Broadmax, CSEBU Band, Orchestra & Instrumental Music Education Director

Dale Chung, Percussionist for Con Funk Shun

Larry Dunn, former Musical Director & Keyboardist for Earth Wind & Fire

Luisa Dunn, R&B Singer

Juan Escovedo, Percussionist/Songwriter/Band Leader

Pete Escovedo, Latin Jazz Percussionist

Peter Michael Escovedo, Musical Director/Producer

Sheila E., Emmy & Grammy Nominated Producer/Philanthropist and Queen of Percussion

Rene' Escovedo, Drummer and Founder of Rene’ Escovedo and The Fuse

Guido Fazio, Woodwind Instructor

Lloyd Gregory, Classical Jazz Guitarist/Composer/Producer

Dawn Harms, Concertmaster Oakland East Bay Symphony

Jay King, Vocalist & Producer & Found of Club Nouveau

Steffen Kuehn, Award Winning Trumpeter & Co-Founder of Pacific Mambo Orchestra

Tony Lindsay, Grammy Winning vocalist for Carlos Santana

Angelo Luster, Jazz Saxophonist and Educator

Skip Martin, Grammy Winning Vocalist/Trumpeter

Melba Moore, Tony Winning actress & Rhythm & Blues Singer

Bill Ortiz, Trumpeter for Carlos Santana

'GQ' (Emanuel Rahiem LeBlanc) American Music Award winning guitarist and vocalist

Freddie Ravel, Keyboardist for Carlos Santana

Sakai, Rhythm & Blues Singer/Songwriter

Rolando Sanchez, Percussionist & Music Producer

Derek Sholl, Country Music Artist

Victoria Theodore, Keyboardist for Stevie Wonder

Mads Tolling, Grammy Winning Jazz Violinist

D'Wayne Wiggins, Tony, Toni, Tone'

Phillip Woo, Pianist & Composer

Eric 'EQ' Young, Con Funk Shun Bass Player



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